3 quick and healthy Creamy Soup recipes


I just love creamy soups, especially in winter! The easiest one I always did was (of course) tomato cream. But I feel like I need a little change of taste. So I searched the web and found three recipes which…

Total denim look

Denim, Outfits

Denim total looks are already popular for couple of seasons and they won’t disappear fast. This is really my favorite fabric! No pants are more timeless than jeans. And classic denim jacket came back to fashion in many remade forms. I already…

Lace+ragged jeans

black pants, Outfits

I’m not yet bored with black! It gives so many opportunities in shapes, fabrics, textures…! And this new trend: ragged denim pants wearing together with fishnet tights – I like it <3 . Black lace blouse is new piece in…