OOTD: Silky, butterfly, kimono dress.

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Do you know the situation when you see something hanging in store and you wondering how you should wear it? It’s exactly the story behind this dress. It looked pretty much complicated and little bit strange. I decided to try…

How perfectly rip your denim?

Outfits, spring/autumn

Okay, I need to admit that I already destroyed couple of good clothes trying make them look better or just more stylish. I’m kinda creative person…what’s not always good for my clothes ;). But what I can definitely and with…

Feels like hippie

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Hey awesome! Sorry for not posting long…my life started to pass too quickly – sometimes I just don’t keep up with things 😉 But even if not regulary though I’m constantly back in here with some new pics. Seriously I…



1. Mango (CLICK),  2. New Look (CLICK),  3. RI (CLICK),  4. Sheinside (CLICK), 5. Zara (CLICK),  6. Topshop (CLICK),  7. Sheinside (CLICK),  8. Zara (CLICK).    Something that I lately put on my shopping list is a kimono. For the summer…


Outfits, spring/autumn

“In the same way that the picturesque designers were always careful to include some reminder of our mortality in their gardens — a ruin, sometimes even a dead tree — the act of leaving parts of the garden untended, and…