I love black! People just look effortlessly stylish in it…but wait is it really without effort?
No, I don’t think so, because after all it’s not so easy to look good in black. You can say that black pants and plain black t-shirt is enought  – but still it’s a little boring. If you want to be fashionable and gorgeous in black you need to obey three rules:
1. choose only good quality black clothes
2. they must be really well cut with some orginality in their shape
3. you must mix the textures /or just add some pattern.
That’s it! The rest is your imagination…of course without exaggeration…too much of a good thing is never a good thing 🙂


“When I asked the late Liz Tilberis, then editor of British Vogue, why fashion loved black so much, she explained that “it gives you an outline, a silhouette”. “

Rebecca Willis


“It works for most occasions on most skin and hair colours…It’s simple and practical for work and always chic for a party.”

Betty Jackson




” An artist I know says “only boring people wear black.”(…) Is black the boring option? Has it just become the lazy shorthand for “stylish”? Is it dodging the whole issue of expressing oneself through what one chooses to wear? Worse, are black-wearers trying to hide something? Does black make us all look the same, like throngs of the damned circling in hell? Perhaps so. I get quite exercised thinking about it. But then Marie-Christine Brunin, who brought Zara’s shops to Britain, tells me that she thinks that, far from making everyone look the same, black makes clothing recede and isolates the face, so emphasising our individuality. “
Rebecca Willis





 “(…)black has become a distinctly urban uniform. It speaks of the city and the dirt and darkness of the industrial age—oil, smoke, tar. It has become, depending on your tribe, a signal that says slick, streetwise, businesslike, official.”

Rebecca Willis





source: Pinterest, tumblr