Sometimes I like to sneak into some kind of very cheap place with a lot of different things – for example large chinese market. You never know what you will find there. Actually there is everything: from kitchen utensils to clothes and shoes. Lately in one of such stores I found those awesome leggings – adore them from first sight 🙂 I like leopard prints, zippers (as you probably noticed 🙂 ) and originally looking clothes – so they 100% my taste. And when you lack money for beautiful designers stuff (me at this very moment) then your personal taste and style is much more important, I will even say that it’s everything!
 1) regularly check out what’s new in high fashion,
 2)adore beauty 
3)inspire yourself 
and you will BUILD YOUR TASTE. 
1) always try on a lot of clothes during your shopping trip
2) experiment with new and old things 
then you will BUILD YOUR STYLE. 
Ok, I hope that I successfully mange to make a conclusion 😀
Because today is my day of advices so one more: drink shots – but not to much, dance – till morning, kiss – but only with your guy, laugh a lot and have a nice weekend :*
Everything I need for a COLD NIGHT:
#large sweater
#hot tea with imbir and honey
#soft socks
#good book
And befor that: hot scented bath!

And REMEMBER: cold weather is great excuse for cuddling!


sweater – cropp / beanie – New Yorker / pants – local chinese store