zara-white-basic-lace-tee-hm-black-leggins-nike-air-force-white-sneakers-ootd1. Zara basic tee with lace top (click)          2. H&M high waist black leggins (click)          3. Nike classic white sneakers (click)


4. Bershka grey jersey sweatpants (click)          5. H&M black elegant jacket vest (click)          6. H&M black heeled boots (click)


7. Bershka long beige knitted sweater (click)          8. Bershka black velvet jampsuit (click)

At last I had some time to visit some stores and <of course> buy new clothes. It was not easy to decide what I exactly need most. You know that situation when you can spend certain amount of money, but it’s not enough for things you actually need…it was the kind of situation I’ve found myself. So I decide to buy clothes which I can wear on multiple occasions: for party as well as for casual day out with friend. I can mix them with themselves or the clothes I already have and make quite new, very different outfits.