Best bronzer ever!

I use this bronzer every day already for couple of years and can’t imagine my morning routine without it. I just feel better with tan! Egyptische Erde is more than just a bronzer. Actually it goes only in one shade which will match perfectly to all skin types and complexion. It look quite dark but the effect depends from how many layers of this product you put on your face. So don’t be deceived by dark powder color, it’ll look natural also on  light skin! After first application you get natural healthy glow, with every next one you get more and more of tan effect. It gives you very natural looking tan without sun and it’s perfect for contouring. Producer call it “mineral cream” because it contains vitamins and minerals which are very good for your skin condition. This magical cosmetic is also very efficient – will last for 3 years or more even when you use it everyday (like me)!

My skin is in very good condition so during the summer I don’t use any foundation, just a BB cream and Egyptische Erde. You just need to remember to put bronzer on dry skin when the cream will be absorbed by skin (to avoid uneven application). If you don’t have time then you will need to use some of dry powders before. Though to make best use of its qualities you should apply this cosmetic directly on your skin.      LINK TO PRODUCT

BLISTEX lip balm

My lips are very sensitive and often dry. I rarely used any of color lipsticks which made them double dry and bad looking. If you have the same problem, then you know what I mean…   I used a lot of different lip balms and conditioners, to find a really good one was  “pain in the ass”.  After I found Blistex MedPlus I have it always with me. This is my definite number one!

(available in drugstores)


eyelash conditioner

You can find a lot “before and after” pictures when you google this product. I use it for about 4 years now and definitely can say, that those pictures are not fake. I never had impressive, long or thick eyelashes before I start to use this product. Now when I put on mascara people asking me about my long eyelashes! They are light at ends so without mascara you can’t see so much of how long they become. And it’s not about mascara cause I don’t have my favorite one now – my lashes looks awesome no matter what kind of it I use 🙂

I think this product is similar in effect to revitalash or other this kind serums. Main differnce is the price. 4 Long Lashes is cheap: in polish online stores it costs less than 10 euro!



Nivea or Garnier

I love BB creams. During winter I use them as a cream/base under light foundation, and in summer just by itself to even my skin color. I noticed that when I don’t use foundation daily and replaces it with BB cream my skin looks much better and healthier.  I don’t have much skin problems and don’t need coverage, so I can do such a replacement. My favorite right now is this NIVEA, but I also like BB from Garnier . Both are very popular and cheap, but for my skin they are perfect! I am 33 years old and use those creams about for 14 years already. Of course I was trying some other brands and BB products during this time, but always coming back to one of those two. I always feel when some product is bad for my skin: immediately I feel it uncomfortable or get a pimple. From my experience: not all expensive products are good and not every cheap product is bad.

(available in drugstores)


all body skin moisture

Coconut oil is my number one skin moisture. I have very dry skin on my legs and elbows and it’s saving me every day for at least 3 years. Using it constantly and daily I feel very comfortable in my skin 🙂 Now I can’t imagine don’t have it on after every shower. It rescued me sometimes when I run out of my cooking oil too ;D

(available in healthy food stores)