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I decided to share more of my personal thoughts about life here on this blog. Actually it’s good to have some discussion with people about emotions and what is in your head in general. Today I will share what I think about most basic, very normal emotion: anger. It’s so easy to get into it and flow away in anger when somebody “step on your feet”. On the other hand it is so wise to get control of yourself and be reasonable in such a moment. Not so simple and obvious way when you feel a rush of emotions going throw your body and everything you would do is just shout your thoughts out. Actually anger is healthy! We just human and in a way it’s good to “feel it all” in your life. Some may say that to burst out will help you to clean yourself from inside… but I don’t agree. There are other ways to get ride of bad emotions than shouting and get along with anger. There’s a big difference of what you feel and how you react on it. Feeling anger is human and healthy, thou expressing it loudly in the moment is not. It’ll make your mind feel sick later.


The best you can do is to define your feelings and use your empathy to understand others. Yep. Simple and not simple. Advise from very calm person… 🙂 So try to understand WHAT makes you angry, WHY it makes you angry and WHAT others feel when you get angry. Try to imagine how you would feel when you would change places with others who witness your behavior. I think that expressing bad feelings in such bold  way it’s like showing your weakness… YES it actually make you look weak in eyes of others! So: get deep breath, pull yourself together, analyze what you feel and to figure out bad situation try to make calm questioning conversation…or just leave the place. Later go out to gym or just take a walk and rid of bad emotions in healthy way.


There are really wiser and more productive ways to show people you are not happy with their actions. Calm conversation will do more good and will make people respect you! Even if you experience mad behavior from others, don’t lower yourself to the same level. You better than that! Learn to respect yourself and others, it will help you control your emotions. Wise people know how to fight with smile and joke despite going for worst. My golden role when I’m up to tell something unpleasant: Never, ever criticize PEOPLE! Criticize behavior or situation, not people themselves. Try to spread out positive vibes around you and it will make you a positive person. Tell people what make you angry in calm way. NOT say that they made you angry, but define what they do or did that made you feel this way… Awareness that you have controlled your negative emotions will make YOU happy! The more times you win with yourself in such situations the easier it will be.

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