There’s always a doubt sooner or later all axle: how to match clothes successfully? It looks like a question to answer without much difficulty, but actually hides pitfalls. Combining clothes without being wrong is in fact much harder than you think. You have to take all into account; the colors, accessories, intimates, and the one rule that never wants blue and black together? And who says that shoes, bag and belt should always be combined with care? Here is the advice for combinations of clothes and matching suitable colors in clothing to keep in mind.

As you may be able to combine their clothes without committing blunders? It sounds easy but in reality the art of dressing is not so simple, indeed! There are some golden rules that are always good to remember every time: you find to respect yourself in front of the closet or in the mirror. That is what those who just do not have to ever forget.


How to match the clothes and colors

Knowing how to match the clothes and the color is the first rule, you can say the basic one. One should always try to avoid matching two similar colors with different shades. The first thing to do is learn how to match the black, the evergreen color that actually goes with everything and can easily help you create combinations with the most fashion clothes and accessories.

A season after another, in catalogs of some reputed brands you can find lots of pictures in black fashionable clothes, matched with shoes and colorful bags. Mostly dark colors like black, brown and burgundy are combined very well. In fact, both with soft colors like white and beige, with that other dark shades. The pastel colors are very comfortable with each other, so in combinations of clothes for girl associated pink and turquoise, coral and yellow light. In the shots that you find on the net, girls dressed well or very well are mostly blogger by profession or models, be inspired by the photos of their fashionable clothes to create chic combinations.

How to match clothes and shoes

Combining clothes and shoes is easier than you might think. We have already seen how to match your shoes to jeans, garments that are comfortable both with heeled models in dark hues with colorful sneakers. The pastel shoes are very comfortable with print heads and the white stand out in suits and coordinated with blue. The red shoes are perfect with a black dress or a stylish suit, but if you want tips for casual combinations as a girl, you know that the shoe trend of the moment, the slippers and slip-on are very comfortable with culotte pants, the mom jeans and cigarette pants.

 How to match the intimate

How to match the underwear? If you do not make mistakes, it is best to always try to match the shirt, polo or dress with lingerie outfit that you are wearing underneath. If you wear a black top, preferably a bra of the same color and the same rule applies in particular to the “unusual” colors, such as green, blue or yellow. For transparent clothes, opt for the intimates flesh: you will not see at all!

How to match the accessories to clothes

Another basic rule for accessories: according to most radical fashionistas, you should never go out without bags, shoes and matching belt. It is often impossible, because it would mean that for every pair of shoes, we should try buying the belt and the bag in the same plot or of the press itself: why you need to match accessories and colors, the general rule is to give priority to the similar tones but not equal, the simplest but most cheaper; Wear accessories in slightly different colors, such as brown and beige, black and gray, this will be the best way to avoid mistakes, or bets on sharp contrasts for more daring outfits.

How to match jewelry

Even the jewelry must be very carefully matched. A good rule is always to not overdo it, as certain charging jewelry fashion bloggers do just to be fashionable. And then attention to the clothing fabric, like wool that can easily be attached to jewelry. If you’re curvy, avoid too large jewels that weigh down the silhouette.

guest post written by Ketherin J.

Ketherin Jonsson started working as a women’s wear stylist after 6 years as fashion critic at reputed fashion magazine. After graduation she started one of the first style blog. She was a contributing writer at Vanity Fair and she is contributing and has contributed many articles in the fashion and entertainment industry.


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