I did a serious research for best, most trendy summer swimsuits. First it supposed to be top 10, then it extended to top 30 and… OMG: it ended with 45 swimwear pieces! There are so many swim pieces in stores now. They are in different shapes, colours, prints and prices that you can be little lost after all. Here is my top list with links to stores. They’re all stylish and affordable!



I like clean, classic shapes  with sexy cuts and laces, which flatter the body. For couple of seasons there exists only one sexy kind of swimwear: bikini. Now it has changed! Must have for this summer is shaping, sexy one piece swimsuit inspired by Baywatch series. If you go for bikini, then also choose one in simple, basic form…with push-up top if needed.


Top three colors: black, white, nude – they definitely rule this season! If you want to be more visible on the beach: orange, light, cold pink, navy blue, yellow or green.


As it was a lot of colourful prints in the past, this summer is definitely one colour game. If you really like mixing colours, then go for a block type or some knitted one in clearly separated lines of shades.


I focused on swimsuits that I myself can afford to buy…so everything on my list costs no more than 150$. Ps. There’s cool 2 pack’s available in Asos know! Classic one piece swims in 2 different fashionable colours for only 45$.

I hope my research helped you to find perfect swimwear for holidays!