One of nowadays reality and attempts of many creative individuals is to extend the boundaries. Times we living in are marked by change. World is changing extremely fast, and you can actually see those changes day after day. It’s amazing! There are so many free online learning courses that knowledge never was so easy to get and so common. It’s age of fast information flow. People perspective is changing form “work hard to achieve” to “work smart and create to become an inspiration”.  All interesting and most popular designs have innovation mixed with simplicity and usefulness. Individuals educate themselves to became designers and designers getting ideas from creative influencers. In the past, many artists or creators worked alone, today team of people have impact on creation process and final look of design. Designers have more freedom than ever.  Where it all will go?


In times of knowledge and high expectation, design of space is becoming more personal. We heading towards times where only the BEST matters. Space not only need to be beautiful and inspiring but also comfortable and intuitive. ‘Beautiful’ is not enough for very motivated, smart designers who have their own high expectations. There have to be “Wow!”. “Wow!” is a perfect balance between individual expression, functionality, comfort, safety, self-identity and ecological awareness. Also it needs to tell a story or induce emotions. As the world become more and more human centred, space design will need to reflect the human expectations. Some of existing trends will soon die and some will grow into power.

There are 3 space design trends to stay:

1.Vertical gardens and moss walls

Everybody loves nature – it’s been with us from beginning and will stay with us forever. We feel more relaxed around it, and it brings feeling of comfort and safety. Though when space is becoming more expansive and  precious we need smart ideas to fit it into our surroundings. Vertical gardens and moss walls brings what is very important for busy people of XXI century: cleaner air, physical comfort, easiness achieved by technology (automatic hydration) and they don’t require much space. What is also important: they give an unlimited possibility of creation. By choosing shape, plants, place, lighting etc. designers can personalise the space.

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2.Functional simplicity

Two words that describes best modern design are simplicity and function. Those two features gives a direction but they also gives many possibilities. They can describe building, furniture, object, wall… everything. The whole idea is to make simple, minimalistic, basic space or object functional. What also matters in best architecture designs is what they can offer when you live in it.

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3.Technology for comfort

Technology is my third idea for a future design trend. It’s connected to functionality and comfort of place. If used wisely it can be great design tool which will give a lot advantages and creative opportunities.

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What about fashion? Even though interior design is going ‘hand in hand’ with fashion in this case answer is more difficult. For sure, as it is with design in general, it will need to fulfil human needs for inspiration and self expression.  Also it’s going into direction of functionality and comfort more then ever before. You can see that old ideas are coming back in new, more simple and functional forms. In fashion there always will be place for different kind of designs. They will be adapted by people who will identify themselves with idea of project. The future will bring new fabrics, which will bring new, innovation ideas. One of most obvious future design trends in fashion is in word TECHNOLOGY. Tech fabrics, 3D prints mixed with familiar, basic shapes and forms.Designers are also gaining more respect to ecology which is already visible on worlds runways.

future design fashion 3d prints

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If we want to know how future of design will look like we need to understand people’s needs. Needs for self-expression, comfort, functionality, safety, inspiration, knowledge etc. Those needs are the motor for new ideas. Knowledge and fast developing technology brings higher expectations towards design. Donald Strum made a very true remark matter of future design:

“A deeper empathetic understanding of how people experience a space or product will become more important.”