After long break from blogging I’m officially back. Did you miss me? I missed blogging! That’s why I’m back 🙂 Now I will need to go back in time a bit to those awesome moments which I didn’t share here: my holidays in South Africa. I was there at the end of February and beginning of March and I brought a lot of pictures.

Probably first you would want to know why I actually stopped to update my blog…? Well, I wasn’t sure if I want to continue posting here because it takes time and I needed time for other things. I felt kind of tired and luck of ideas. Now when you can upload your outfit pictures and share some thought on instagram, you don’t really feel to repeat yourself. But from the other side I decided to come back because instagram is different then blog and I like to have this piece of internet for myself. I really want to do some more videos.  I already filmed couple, just not a good one so I won’t post them yet…but soon :D. So be prepared for more posts now and (hopefully) regular blog updates.

Those pictures was made on a dune beach near Addo Elephant Park. We were lucky to find it, and it was really deserted. Only couple of locals were fishing there. Dunes was amazing!