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This linen dress from MagicLinen is definitely my favourite right now! It feel so comfortable, smooth, soft and light, though linen itself is quite thick as it is very good quality. Dress is so perfectly cut that the way fabric is moving is amazing. It looks exactly so beautiful as on pictures. But what’s most important, I feel pretty wearing it.

Why linen is one of the best fabrics you can get? Because it’s breathable, highly absorbent and hypoallergenic. The fibre from which linen is made absorbs up to 20% of it’s own weight before starting to feel damp. Also it is able to release it fast so it dry fast and doesn’t stick to a body. You get interested and want to now more? Check out more about linen here:

MagicLinen is a small family business based in Lithuania, Europe. They produce handmade linen home textiles and clothing from European high-quality OEKO-Tex certified linen and ship them worldwide. Check their website for more linen inspirations. And just to see how many pretty linen things you can get there… 🙂

Linen is good because it looks trendy and at the same time it’s very comfotable.

Akshay Kumar

linien dress outfit

Beautiful fabrics last; synthetics don’t. Certain fabrics, such as linen or cotton, develop their own character over time.

John Rocha

linien dress outfit linien dress outfit linien dress outfit

dress- / shoes – Zara / backpack – MCM

sponsor: MagicLinien