During our road trip in South Africa we visited Tsitsikamma National Park. I didn’t expected it be sooo beautiful. We had booked in advance organised  morning kayaking trip in Storms River (you can check my phone pictures in my highlight story from africa on Instagram: @lilicons). Kayaking was bit scary in the beginning as you need to swim through a sea to get to a bay.  But seriously, it is worth it!  Later we changed  kayaks for mattresses. Those who  were not a cowards  like me could jump from the cliff into the bay… well, most people did it, except for me. I’m a coward and I feel good about it. And I hate heights. Views and experience was amazing. After kayaking we went for dinner. There was only one restaurant near the Garden Route, but let’s say it like this: if you hungry everything tastes good.  It was already quite late when we start garden route coastal trail. It goes through stone coast and end up next to small waterfall with a little lake. Just to sum it up: amazing colours, beautiful views, awesome sunset, amazingly clean lake water where you can take a swim. All you can here is wind, birds and waves. If you are visiting South Africa, just go there!

BTW: I was not exactly prepared with the hiking outfit, so the best option occurred to be bikini, towel, white t-shirt, sneakers and a cap. It turned out to be extremely comfortable and practical for this hike 😀

towel – Decathlon , sneakers – adidas , cap – Nike, t-shirt – Uniqlo