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NYC street style outfit inspiration #2

Day 2 in New York. Still our favourite thing is just wondering around, trying out street food, enjoying views. We wanted to visit MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) but unfortunately it was closed at this time…so we ended up visiting MoMA shop. So many nice stuff there! I bought there new original Casio watch. And again we visited some cool brands stores. Because of course, NYC is a place where all brands have their Flag Ship stores. We also been in some designer stores just to see what’s up.

It’s not my first time in NY as well as for Kamil. So we already go through museums here. Now we are all about going around, visiting stores that we can barely visit elsewhere and soaking the atmosphere of this city.

Yesterday in antic store (YES: store with all kind of antic furnitures and books) I bought new 100% silk purple shirt that I’m wearing on pictures. We didn’t packed any iron, but whatever: I decided to wear it like it is. For me even wrinkled it looks cool and goes well with my outfit.

skirt, top – / shoes – Zara

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  1. Great post ?

  2. michal says:

    Całość piękna i super kobieca.

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