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NYC Brooklyn bridge pics #3

I have still many New York pictures on my computer when I just came back from Tokyo with a lot of new pictures (and memories). I guess I really need to be more consistent with my blog…

Anyway when I was in NY I did serious vintage shopping, shirt and pants you can see on pictures. I’m a big fun of second hand stores and NY is just the best place. So many cool stores with awesome, good quality, very original pieces! And you can buy here almost every brand. I would love to come back just for shopping… and maybe to visit MoMa, because it was closed at a time we’ve been there.

bra top – PrettyLittleThing.com / boots – Zara / shirt, pants – 10ft Single By Stella Dallas (vintage store)

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  1. Lauderlis Cloud says:

    Haha, then ready too on your new G+V scroller for more consistency ^^♪)

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