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Tokyo #1

Best thing about Tokyo? FOOD. Japanese kitchen is my favourite one right now. And before I came to Japan I really didn’t realise how many different and delicious dishes are in Japanese kitchen…I only new sushi and ramen :D. But there’s so much more! Raw fishes tastes so amazing here. Sushi I ate only once, as I wanted to try other things.

Other thing that really amazed me was calmness. Even thou it is REALLY big city, and so many people everywhere nobody push out, scream or acting loud. In subway or when you waiting in line to restaurant there is quiet atmosphere. You don’t have this ‘being in a hurry’ feeling like in NY.

If you go to Tokyo be prepared that not many people here speaks English and subway maps are not translated. But, as we living in a world with translator and google maps then nothing of it is a problem anymore. To make your life even more easier download Suica card into your iPhone wallet and use it to pay for subway. Just to make life even more easier 🙂

leather dress/jacket – Pull&Bear / sneakers – Nike / bag – Calvin Klein

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