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Teamlab Borderless.Tokyo.

Making pictures in Teamlab Borderless was pure fun! It’s really amazing place, museum of light and projection I would call it. We spent there around four hours which passed amazingly fast…I was so surprised hearing announcement that they closing soon cause it’s already 19.00 o’clock… we could stay longer. Visiting this place is totally worth time, as it gives you magical, fairytale experience. There’re many rooms and every room looks different. Going from room to room it’s like jumping from one dreamy land to the other. All of those pictures are without any edit! The light was just so perfect!

We visited Teamlab Borderless in Tokyo last year. I still have some unpublished pictures that I will drop here from time to time. No when I have time then maybe I’ll post more often 🙂

Now I’m sitting home, bit scared because of this Corona crisis and everything that will come after that. I’m learning some new stuff I wanted learn for long time – so hopefully I won’t get crazy. I also started to exercise every morning. I really don’t want to waste my time now that I have it. Also I hate this feeling that it’s passing through my fingers and I’m getting older but not smarter…so I think that learning new stuff and having hobbies (except Netflix) is really important nowadays. Xoxo

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