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Hello everyone! I’m Adriana (for friends: Ada). I’m from Poland and spend there most of my life. I’ve studied mathematic with computer science in Lublin (yeah…I manage to get a master degree in that). Then I worked building and managing online stores, rounding between Warsaw and my small family town on east of Poland. And though I really love my country, friends, family and life in Poland lately I just changed my life completely and moved to Germany. Guess when you have only one life then you can’t be afraid of taking risks in the name of being happy. So I’m here now…not speaking german, but working hard on it. My boyfriend is happy to have healthy breakfast every morning 😀


During high school I started to be little obsessed with healthy diet and face creams. I was vegetarian for a year, but then decided that I like meat too much. From then on I have my piece of meat now and then…though still prepare it in healthy way. Actually I don’t like to stay long in the kitchen, so I have ambition to become a master in fast & healthy cooking. During my university time I grow up to be a sport liking person (hated it before): exercised karate for a year, yoga for a year and pilates for two years. Now I just keep on with gym twice a week…for couple of years already.

I always loved to travel, so during my university holidays… I’ve made a lot of coffee’s in New York and been a cool waitress in one of 5 star hotels in Limassol, Cyprus.


I was born in 1983 and I didn’t wear any make up till I was 25 (my sister thinks I mature late…she’s 18 and love make-up). I always loved fashion and shopping…but it was just couple years ago when I started to build my style and taste for clothes. Yep…I hate my old pictures.


It’s a hobby. I created this blog to have my little piece of online space. Name came from ‘little icons’ which for me meant a pieces of a life and style pictures, thoughts and inspirations. Little of everything what is pretty. I love to be surrounded by stylish, interesting, happy people. Those are people who take care of themselves inside as well as outside…because it’s all connected! I hope that my blog will inspire  by giving some style and shopping ideas, fashion trends review along with lifestyle thoughts. I hope it will inspire you to be the best, happy yourself…as I am.


Always buy clothes which look expensive and good quality. They don’t need to cost a lot or be made with best fabrics, they just need to look like that.