Teamlab Borderless.Tokyo.

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Making pictures in Teamlab Borderless was pure fun! It’s really amazing place, museum of light and projection I would call it. We spent there around four hours which passed amazingly fast…I was so surprised hearing announcement that they closing soon…

Tokyo #4. White casual.

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Last pictures are from Warehouse Kawasaki in Japan. It is a five-story amusement facility. It was designed to look worn down and like the former Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, with the design handled by now-defunct Japanese design company Hoshino-Gumi, with props imported…

Tokyo #3. Pink set.

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I’m all about sets right now. I love them a bit oversized…thou buying online sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right size… This set I bought on sale at Pretty Little Thing. As it was on sale there were only…

Tokyo #2. Kimono looks.

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Was it worth to try on kimono and play geisha for an hour? Sure. I never imagined that kimono have so many layers and that wearing those shoes with socks is actually comfortable. I didn’t met or saw any European…