VIENNA TRIP – 1# denim jacket

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  Vienna is very beautiful city full of old beautiful buildings, narrow streets and concerts of classical music. I was surprised by quiet and sophisticated atmosphere – maybe because we were there in the beginning of the week, not the…


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“While we love fall fashion (sweaters, scarves, and coats- oh my!), we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the colors of summer. We’re expecting the long months of winter to be saturated with hunter green, inky indigo, and rich cranberry,…

ORANGE beanie

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“FASHION is what you are OFFERED four times a year. STYLE is what you PICK.”   “To live a CREATIVE LIFE, we must LOSE our FEAR of being wrong.” Joseph Chilton Pearce “I’m not what HAPPENED to ME, I’m what…


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  “POLITENESS has become so rare that some people mistake it for FLIRTATION.” How to kill all your enemies? – SMILE –    jacket – river iland / shirt, shoes – reserved / pants – american eagle outfitters / bag –…

THINK pink

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  “ACT like a LADY, THINK like a BOSS.”   “If your DREAMS don’t scare you they’re not BIG ENOUGH!”       jeans – mango / sweater – butik / shoes – ibucik.pl / bag – parfois


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“BEAUTY to me is about BEING comfortable in YOUR own skin. That, or a kick – ass  RED LIPSTICK.” Gwyneth Paltrow “Shut down computer, go outside, meet someone!” dress – mohito ; jacket – terranova ; sneakers – adidas ; bag,…


Outfits, red

“IF you DON’T THING, then you shouldn’t TALK.” March Hare (Alice in Wonderland) ” The only thing PREDICTABLE about LIFE is it’s UNPREDICTABILITY.” Remy (DisneyQuotes) jacket, t-shirt – Terranova ; bag – tomtop.com ; shoes – adidas ; leggins, necklace –…