Pictures stuck on my PC for a while already- those days it’s hard for me to post anything. But here we are at last: new post with not so new pictures… Checkered jacket bought on sale in Zara. Though as well it could be found in your mother old closet. Definitely ageless clothing piece. I figured it out it will be great for spring as outer jacket with simple tee.

When shopping I try to be picky. Especially when shopping on sales, when everything seems to be so cheap that it’s easy to buy things you really don’t need and won’t wear later. Sometimes you like something in store fitting room and then at home you’re disappointed… To avoid this situation I make a phone pictures in clothes I would like to buy. My shopping  decisions are based on pictures (haha). All flaws of shape, fabric etc. are always more vivid on photos – it’s my way to notice them at all.

“Shopping is really complicated if you are a girl.”

Helen Salter, Does Snogging Count as Exercise?

jacket, bag – Zara / coat – Pinko / jeans, shirt – Uniqlo