Two more favourite pieces in my too small closet: Alltimers blouse and black, very comfortable pack. Theoretically this cool blouse belongs to my boyfriend…but he don’t need it as much as I do. I will borrow it from him constantly.

As for a new waist bag- I was looking for something like this for a while already and found it in cheap Chinese ‘all in one’ store (if you know what I mean). It occurred that there’s a point for visiting this kind of stores…sometimes.

Also I’m thinking of doing my eyelashes for summer with ‘one to one’ or ‘two to one’ method. I’m just a little concerned if it won’t have impact on my natural one. But summer without makeup sounds tempting for me. I think that it also may occur good idea for skin, because now I do my eyes  almost every day…

blouse – Alltimers ( / jacket – Levis (vintage) / jeans – Uniqlo